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Despite my Gossip Girl lifestyle dreams, in real life I’m not afraid to embarrass myself (or you... WATCH OUUUT), laugh-snort, or make/be a full mess. I also know and value when it’s time to be an adult-human-person-thing and take responsibility, care for those I love, or do some Reiki or crystal healing to chill out... ommmmm. For years in NYC my side hustle was babysitting - those wee monsters taught me a lot about being myself, splashing in the rain, and that sometimes poop is truly NOT funny. Now, when I'm not performing on stage, I get to use my years as an expert bedtime storyteller to venture into the world of voiceover work. I hope we get to play together soon!  



Gossip Squirrel 


I’m a proud Ontario born and raised Canuck, married to the goofiest Idaho farm-boy a gal could hope for! After spending most of my adult life performing in NYC, pandemic life brought me to my latest obsession: Vancouver.  You'll now find me basking on the beach, trompsing through Stanley Park (LOUDLY - as to avoid coyotes), and most often: scarfing down ALL THE THINGS at the local farmer's market!! While I do love to spend most of my time eating, I’m also 50% Crazy-Type-A-Spreadsheet-Freak, Calendar Master, and Social Planner Extraordinaire. If I wasn't an actor, I'd dream of a life spending ridiculous amounts of money on weekly gel manicures and be a neurotic, over-the-top-did-they-really-do-that wedding planner to the uber wealthy.

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